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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 13, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> and lowering taxes and getting rid of obamacare. >> they don't stand for anything -- [overlapping dialogue] >> they are pulling the blame from obama -- and wall street. >> greta's next. see you tomorrow night. >> tonight, donald trump -- well, he gets another visitor. this time congresswoman, michele bachmann. she says she is rebooting. but will a power meeting with donald trump power up her campaign? donald trump goes on the record. but first, our nightmare. what about iran? not only is iran working on nuclear weapons, threatening to wipe israel off the map, but planning bombings and assassinations. what are we dog about it? senator john mccain goes on the record. >> nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> we learn that the united states had a direct contact with iran during the course of this investigation of terrorism here in the united states. direct contact -- i thought we weren't talking to iran.
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>> a lot of things go on, as you know, that -- whether it was right or wrong, i haven't had a chance to make a judgment. but i -- we should make a judgment about iran and their activities, not only this latest rather blatant example of their... kinds of activities. but their plan throughout the whole middle-east area. they exported the i.e.d.s into afghanistan, the most lethal ones that killed americans. they're fooling around in bahrain, trying to cause trouble there. they have obviously, supported hamas and hezbollah and if other terrorist organizations. they are observingly a terrorist state. and they are attempting to, in the long run, restore persian higem any in the region and at the same time do what they can to harm the united states of america and israel. i think the president of the united states should go on national television and explain all of this to the american
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people so that they can understand what we are up against here in this -- in this -- in iranian nation that is really bent on doing very bad things to america's national security interests. >> but this certainly ratchets up a bit. you know, we have been sort of hoping they wouldn't develop a nuclear weapon. but each day, another day passes and we saw what happened with pakistan and the wal-mart, selling nuclear energy. we saw what happened in north korea. we have ahmadinejad saying they want to wipe israel off the map. israel can't go after iran. and they are building a nuclear weapon and we are having a chat. obviously, it didn't work. >> obviously, the chat didn't work. but also, i think, one of the seminole moments historians will look back, early in 200 19, early stages of the obama presidency, there was a flawed and corrupt election. people of iran rhoads up and they were saying in the streets,
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obama, obama, are you with us? or are you with them? presidents obama's answer was, i don't want to jeopardize my chances to negotiate with the iranian islamic republic. that was a seminole moment and an opportunity that may never come again. so we blew june of '09. the president blew that opportunity. but this is october of '11 and they can are working on a nuclear weapon, from everything i hear from everybody here on capitol hill and everything i read in the paper and they are attempting an assassination. we have had sanctions against them. you know what's wrong with this picture? at what point do we let them get a nuclear weapon and say, oh, no, they have a nuclear weapon. >> there are a lot of reports that the sanctions have really hurt them. i don't believe that. i think it's hurt them smsm but not enough to -- to affect any change in their behavior. i think i think we have to understand that we are facing a
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really disturbing threat here because if they are willing to do something like there that was just revealed, think of what they are willing to do if they had a nuclear weapon. i am not saying we take military action against iran. don't get me wrong. but we have to examine our policy and figure out what suckicides and what doesn't. >> i am not saying necessarily take nuclear action. but if somebody's doing business with iran. where are our pals around the world? this is not -- we can't wait forever. if you talk to the israelis, they are very concerned about it. it seems that this talks, this chatting has only gotten us a terrorist threat. >> the russians and the chinese are doing business with the iranians. i think we fled to put pressure on them and we need to ratchet it up. as you mentioned, make it so that their oil tankers don't go into any port. make sure anybody who does
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business with an iranian bank can't do business with the united states of america. we should start identifying people like these cuts force who is are engagedin terrorist activities that they never get a passport, that nobody in their family will be able to travel. there are a number of optionswa we need to try. >> why are we so slow at this? i don't know when they will have a nuclear weapon. but once they do get tthat will change all the dynamics and all for the worse. i don't know how much time we have. there innocentay isn't a good sign. the signs have been consistently bad. perhaps this hand-fisteddest on their part will alert the american people, our allies and other people throughout the world about how dangerous this regime really is. certainly, it has the american people's attention. how do we get russia and china to have the sense of urgency?
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china doesn't want japan to get a nuclear weapon. japan didn't want north korea to get a nuclear weapon. they must have a sense of thew changes things. >> china and russia have to have tounderstand there are consequences for our relationship with them if they continue to condone the behavior of rogue nations. >> how do we do that? >> we have to clamp down. there are many things that both countries want. for example, russia wants to get into the world trade organization. we should say, no deal, unless you join us in bringing pressure to bear on the iranians. there are many things that they want that the united states can have an effect on. they ought to understand that. >> why wouldn't we do is that? we don't want another military action? why wouldn't we do? everybody's in agreement, we don't want nuclear weapons in iran's hands. so what's the down side to being more forceful with our friends? >> you are asking the wrong guy.
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when we pushed the resot set button, i wasn't impressed when they said medmedvedev was the next guy, i knew that putin would remain the real power. you are asking the wrong guy. as far as the chinese are concerned, they are -- they are a -- posing the possibility of a real confrontation with us and other nations, especially in the south china sea. so it's a dangerous worlds we are livinganism one last question. i won't beat a dead horse. do you have any reason to believe that over time, iran is not going to get a nuclear weapon? is there any sign that they will not get one? >> there is no sign whatsoever. and we have to face up to that reality. >> unless we do something different? >> unless we are table to change their behavior. and so far, the actions we have taken have had little or no effect on their behavior, their policies, their activities.
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we should be outraged that they sent into iraq these copper-tipped i.e.d.s that would go through and kill young americans. killed young more thans. it was their responsibility. >> okay. jobs. let's turn to jobs. the president's bill failed in the united states senate. but you and two colleagues, senator rand paul and senator portman have a jobs bill. tell me how it is different from the president's. >> our jobs bill is growth for jobs. we have a very different philosophy than the president does. obviously, the president believes that government creates jobs. we believe business creates jobs. we believe that if you will unleash and unfetter american business, if you will -- for example, one of our proposals i is a moratorium on all new regulations. we need the corporate tax rate cut and the individual tax rate
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cut, do away with the loopholes and have three tax brackets. a number of other measures that will unleash $1.5 trillion that business and corporations are sitting on in america today to create jobs and improve our economy. every young group of business people that i talk, to i say, suppose that we give you a tax cut, suppose we simplify the tax code and put a moratorium on new regulations and several other things, like open up off-shoir drilling, would that motivate to you hire and invest? they say, of course. why are they holding back? because they don't know when the next regulation is coming down. they don't know when the next time they will face a tax increase or be called quoted a millionaire. so what we are trying to do is simplify the tax code, cut corporate taxes and cut
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individual taxes, moratorium on regulations and a initiative of other, a banket of proposals which are pro-growth and job creation. >> tell me, where is the objection from the president? let's take the tax code, for instance. there are between 3300 and 3500 earmarks in the tax code. if you get rid of those i. absolutely. >> they are there because somebody has a special interest. somebody got a deal with that. i assume the president would be happy to get rid of the special interests, right? >> i hope eye haven't met an american that doesn't want to simplify the tax code. i hope we can sit down with the president and say, okay, let's simplify the tax code. will the president be willing to cult the tax from 35 to 25? you know, we have the highest corporate tax code in the world. 35% tax rate for corporate taxes, the highest in the world. that's why this money is $1.4 trillion is parked overseas. give them a tax incentive to
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come back to the united states and cut the corporate tax from 35 to 25 so they will stay. >> regulations. you are asking for a moratorium. i assume that's conciliatory to put the lid on it to buy time. >> repeal obamacare. >> you won't get that i. repeal obamacare, repeal dodd/frank, which has ding done nothing. double that these financial institutions are not too big to fail? of course, they are. the whole... idea behind dodd/frank was to make sure that institutions are no longer too big to fail. fanny and freddy are doing business, costing americans untold billions of dollars. we have to do those things as well. >> all right. let me tell you what is frustrating. i spoke to representative pane boehner and he said he doesn't have a dialogue with the
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president. the president is complain about this republicans and congress. you are 16 blocks away. you are only across the hill from speaker boehner. you know, what's the impediment for meeting halfway, 8 blocks down the street and trying to look for this common ground that we hear bill. n we have a plan now. the president was saying, kept saying, where's the republicans' plan? we have had lots of plans by the way. the house has passed many provisions which are, i think, excellent. >> there are plans. >> but now we have one that is really a republican senate plan. and we want to sit down with the president. we want to negotiate with him on simplification of the tax code, payroll tax holiday, a whole range of things that i think we could sit down and negotiate on. i say with great respect, what is the president doing? he's out on the campaign trail, beating the daylights out of republicans, saying pass my plan now -- >> it didn't pass. >> knowing full well, as we showed the night before last he
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doesn't even have the democrats, much less any republicans. >> so you're saying that that was a phony bill up here? >> i think he has bit that could count votes, knowing full well he didn't have sufficient votes even amongst democrats. >> so what it would take for to you get yours passed? or some fashion? i realize the bills are beatun down by the time they go to vote? >> let's do what we did in 1995 with president bill clinton. as you know, we had a big electoral victory. bill clinton decided rather than campaign against republicans, to sit down with the republicans, we enacted a landmark welfare reform bill, as you may recall. we put ourselves on the path to a balanced budget and even a surscplus it was through a series of negotiations and agreements between the president and republicans. i would advise the president to try that route because, we in
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congressue know, we look at the president's approval rating. have you checked ours? 13% approval. we are down to paid staffers and blood relatives and we may be in the single digits. >> i get the impression you have given up. you know, the fact that -- i don't see everybody talking. it is like there isn't a search for a solution, but a lot of people have given up -- on the hill. and with the president, as well? >> well, let me tell you what he should realize, that's when agreements are made. the presidents get credit. that, to me, would seem to be a motivating factor for him to say, okay, viseen the republicans' proposal, the package here. there is some things we can agree on. let's sit down together and see if we can work something out. i think it would be good for the country. people are hurting very bad, especially my state. >> speaking of your state, fast and furious is all over your state. your thoughts on the battle between the house committee and
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the justice department, asking for documents on fast and furious, going to get the answers in a fast fashion? >> i don't know. but i am glad we have control of the house of representatives and the subpoena power. that's an appropriate role for congressman, chairman issa and i would think that a subpoena has to be complied with. as we all know, it is not the first mistake that caused the most trouble, it's the second. >> someone authorized this program. i don't know if it's the department of justice or out in the field. but someone would at least let someone up and move on. >> we need to know. we need to find out. the widow of a brave young border patrolman would like to know and her family. i think that when we trace these guns back to the gun cartels, perpetrating the most horrible crimes that someone has to be held responsible. >> whose judgment was that?
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i mean, you know, that's the other thing. if nothing else, who had the bad judgment to move this person to a different place? >> how often when we see this, we say, we can't make it up? >> and straight ahead, president obama takes a jab at fox news, white house correspondent ed henry. what's up with the president? we will show you the viewed videoand you can tell us. and that's next. pilgrimage to meet with danddonald trump this. time, michele bachmann. what does donald trump think about the congresswoman? he will tell you himself he feel is here to go on the record. and he has not even won the nomination, but herman cain's 9-9-9 plan can already save you money, especially when you travel. we will show you how. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories --
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>> certainly seemed like a few tense moments at the white house. president obama jabs one of us, white house correspond end ed henry. >> i wanted to get your first reaction to the iranian terror plot. your secretary of state called it a dangerous escalation. what specific steps will you hold them accountable when mitt romney last week said, quote, if
7:21 pm
you do not want america to be the strong evaluate nation on earth, i am not your president. have you that president today. >> well -- i didn't know you were the spokesperson for mitt romney. but... >> and it's not the first time ed henry has been jabbed by the white house. look that the clash with jay carney over the debt ceiling bills last july. >> as chuck said, have a senator introduce it as an actual bill. we are six days away. >> chuck, i mean --ed, you know... the speaker walked away from this deal. okay? >> it was a great deal. put it out there, let the american people i. i think i have answered the question. >> one quick thick. >> you are creating a reel for fox. >> that's not what i am doing. you know better than that. >> what might be behind this? did it happen before ed joined fox? washington examiner chief correspondent byron york is here. hard not to be suspicious. i don't remember him being jabbed at cnn and they have a thing about fox news.
7:22 pm
but good humor or a bit of a jab? >> not really good humor. ed lenry covered the white house for cnn before comfox. they didn't treat him like this. now he's at fox, asking the same sort of questions and the same sort of thing. and all of a sudden, he's working for fox and has republican talking points. one of the first questions he asked, jay carney said, i know you are talk about this republican talking points. and they weren't republican talking points. it was just a question. this is part of a long-term white house campaign against fox to try to de-legitimize fox because it is the most watched network and suggests that it's all republican talking points. >> i would think that they would be smarter, more clever about it. i mean, they sort of seem petty and -- the way they jab, of all people, ed. i just would think that if they hate us so much, i would like to see them be smarter about it. >> the interesting thing about
7:23 pm
this insdon't today is that of course, it's the president himself. i mean, it's one thing for the white house spokesman to be saying this in a briefing that most of the public doesn't watch. some of it's inside baseball. but when the president himself starts doing it, that just really kick its up several notches. >> it looks like they have fox talking points, the thing they accuse us of, they have fox talking points against ed. do they do this to other reporters? >> not in public. we haven't seen that jabbing in public from the president, suggesting that a reporter is unfair or has some partisan agenda or something like that. you don't see that very much. we should point out fox has a large number of independent and democratic voters. i mean, there are a lot of people who voted for president obama who watch fox. what's the impression they are getting from this? i don't know. >> what -- you know, why are they afraid of fox? what is it that we do that is so horrible? wev sean hannity, an outspoken
7:24 pm
conservative, bill o'reilly, who i don't know where he is. bobbobglenn beck's gone. what gets them tied up in a bundle? >> i think it's because fox has done something different from the media world before it and it's been so successful. it has more viewers than cnn and ms-nbc combined, most of the time. it it's something that the white house can't ignore. remember anita dunn, declared war on fox. there are groups on the left that are pretty well funded whose job is to monitor fox all the time. >> yeah, but i like a good challenge. i mean, the few times i have been interviewed, i would rather be interviewed by someone who's challenging me than someone who i go, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. that's right. i mean, that's boring. and if they are so certain, i mean, these people are so certain of their positions, whether it's the bill or helt care, come talk about t. let's have an aggressive, vigorous
7:25 pm
debate about it. don't jab one of my colleagues. >> apparently, the president was too. tempted not to say something today. it's a real different thing when the president starts saying it. he did say something in september of 2010, and in whiche said he felt the network had an agenda that was bad for america. this is something you are going to see more of with the campaign coming up. >> if we are wrong, i would rather have them come here and correct us or talk about it. have a good, vigorous debate. i take no pleasure in getting anything wrong. you can have my phone number, it's not fun to get it wrong, ever. i don't understand it. it looks cowardly to sit behind the perch and the best thing they can do is to insult something somebody. we jab them. it's part of the business of news. we jab everybody. but it's almost unseamly and looks like they are afraid. >> are you giving an invitation
7:26 pm
to the president to come? >> we are number 1. but we don't need to remain number wob. we have been number 1 without him coming here. love to challenge him. he would be treated with the utmost respect. any guest who does. but if he doesn't show up, i don't care. >> there have been incidents that the white house decided to make some official available to all press corps except fox. so this is something that has been going on quite a long time. and i, as i said, i dont expect it to change as we enter this campaign season. >> that's too bad. with all due respect tdoesn't hurt us much. but it's interesting. never dull. anyway, byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, which republican candidate does barack obama fear most? we asked donald trump. his answer is next. and $1.2 billion price tag. what do you get for that? just 15 jobs and $80 million a
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job? did the obama administration really do that? we will tell you, coming up. ♪ we could have gone a more traditional route, but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable.
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>> big shake-up in the republican nomination for president race and another candidate makes a pilgrimage to trump tower. we just spoke to donald trump. nice to talk to you. >> hi, greta. >> all right. well the pilgrimage continues. this time, representative michele bachmann went to see you. what do you think? >> well, i think she's a really
7:31 pm
lovely woman. we had a great conversation. she's very smart. she's doing a really good job. she's really working hard. in fact, i was saying, you know, take it easy, relax, have a good life. the fact is, she's working very, very hard and she's a very good woman. >> was she what you expectd? were you impressed more -- or not what you thought? >> i have known her and i have met her before. she was up to the trump tower two months ago. you know, i think she's out there really working hard. she's involved with iowa. she's involved very strongly with new hampshire. you know, i am impressed with her. i must tell you, i have had a lot of visits from a lot of people. i can tell that you governor romney, very impressive. rick perry -- he's a terrific guy with a great record. i know he is having a hard time with the debates. he's the first to admit that. but i mean, really a terrific person. herman cain, who i spoke to
7:32 pm
yesterday, terrific person. you know, the job he's done is amazing. i mean, if you think about tit's amazing. >> but -- this is not i. fine people. >> but this is not a miss congeniality -- >> that's correct. that's correct. >> here's what -- let me tell you what i am suspicious of in terms of which way you are leaning, you tweeted after the most recent debate that romney did very well and you keep telling me, you are going back to governor romney. but here's the thing that's curious to me. why are governor romney's numbers static? he doesn't get a bounce. it doesn't seem likely gets a bounce out of any of these events? >> you are right. i was surprised. i thought he did very well in the debait. and i thought herman cain did really well in the debate. i think a lot of people don't know him or understand him. but he doesn't seem to do well in the republican primary. now if you look at his numbers overall, he's doing quite well.
7:33 pm
but he has to get out of the primary. in the republican primary eye mean, he's doing okay. but he doesn't get the bounce you would think when somebody gets out or when somebody goes down, you would think he would get more numbers. >> which brings me to the next question, in the event he is the nominee, president obama and his campaign, they are making a lot of money. they have a lot of things to challenge him on, for instance, the national health care, which the republican party, many have been adamant they want to get rid of, but for better or worse of, some of his advisers in massachusetts helped the obama administration fashion the national one. that may be a hard sell to a lot of republicans? >> i think it's going to be about the economy. i think it's going to be about jobs. i really think that that issue is overplayed at this point. you know, i think that governor romney's explained it tie fair 3 well. i believe it's about jobs and who will be the best president. honestly, obama fhe continues to
7:34 pm
do the job he's doing and the economy continues to be as bad -- and it is very bad. but continues to be as bad as it is, i think he will have a very, very hard time beating certain of the republican candidates. >> you say it's about jobs. one thing that is curious in following what is going on in if the obama administration, if governor romney is not nominate -- is nominated, i think they will run at him hard for his work. he's very successful. i think they will go back to see whether or not go of the companies the companies added jobs or if he dismantled them. i am not sure this will be a smooth sail as the nominee, on jobs. >> you know the biggest problem? when you very successful and have you had a great career, you have done a lot of things and he said, some good, some bad, but mostly good. the fact is that have you a lot of things that people can shoot at because you have been a productive person. have you worked hard. even good deals -- he buys a company and maybe he got rid of
7:35 pm
some people to make the company better or save the company or whatever. he did things. with obama, he never did anything. if you look, i mean the only thing he did is buy a house. he never did anything. so there is nothing to criticize. the house you can criticize because if you look at the way he brought that house, this is a very, very suspect deal. people should look at it. the only deal he ahead in his life, he bought a house. you can't criticize him because he bought 37 companies and employed tens of thousands of people. there is nothing to criticize. it's very unfair. i have always said, it's very hard for a very successful person to get elected because even your good deals, they can criticize. >> all right. i understand there are a couple of categories. one is you who think might be the best candidate or the best president or best representative. but let me ask you, who do you think the obama administration most fears in a general election?
7:36 pm
not ultimately be the president, but on purely strategy and give him the biggest run for his money? >> the one they most dislike is donald trump because nobody hit him like i did because i told the truth. i have heard that from so many people is the one they most disliked is me because i am honored by t. i would love it if he would do the job. i would be his biggest supporter. >> who is number 2? >> i don't want to say. i don't want to say. honestly, it's too early for me to say. at the appropriate time, i am going to be saying. it's too early for me to say. i will say this, i spoke yesterday with senator lindsay graham. i love what he is doing twrop china, putting bills in because they are trying to fight the chinese curse. honestly, he should be given more support. his bill passed but he has to be given support. it's the first time i am seeing somebody go out and fight, i call at this time chinese curse
7:37 pm
because what they are doing to this country is unbelievable. >> what would president donald trump do about iran nlight of the terrorist plot that has been thwart snitched the problem we have with iran is that they no longer respect us as a country. they know we are dying to get out of iraq and that's fine and we should be. but we should take the oil. we should take the oil. we are spending $1.5 trillion -- >> iran's oil? >> iraq. iraq has the srkd largest oil fields of the world. we should reimburse ourselves and the family who is have lost children, fapulous, fabulous men and women, lost. what they are getting -- >> i am talking about iran. not iraq. >> no, no. but i am saying iran is going to take over the oil fields of iraq and they are going on take over iraq. the reason they are going to do that is very simple. they have absolutely no respect for the united states.
7:38 pm
so when they send the people in, as they did yesterday, as we found out, it's a lack as rodney dangerfield would say -- it's a lack of respect for our country. >> coming up, another one. this could be worse than solippedra, a price tag with twice as much as solyndra, but that's only part of it. congressman fred upton goes on the record next and strong words from paul ryan about one of the presidential candidates. probably not exactly what you think. who is he talking about? stay tuned. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement ailable only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer.
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welcome to better trade commission free for 60 days when you open an account. >> it could be the new solyndra only worse. but first, let's go to the newsroom with the other headlines. >> hi, gret a. up on wall street protesters, threatening to block protesters in the park, raising concerns about a potential showdown with the police. the owner of the park wants to clear away three weeks' worth of
7:43 pm
debris. protesters say it's a ploy to permanently remove them from the area. organizers are calling on supporters to show up no later than 6:00 a.m. friday, to protest economic inequipment. >> a former hedge fund billionaire getting the stiffest sentence ever for inside trading roger rodnan is being sent away for 24 years. the founder of the galleon group has been fined $10 million. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "on the record." >> is this our next taxpayer crisis isn't next solyndra? horrible news about another horrible loan for an energy company for $1.2 billion. what did you get? 15 jobs. that's $80 million in taxpayer money for each job. we spoke with the energy committee chairman fred upton about that and the latest on the
7:44 pm
solyndra investigation. we started with solyndra. >> tomorrow, your committee is going to hold a hearing about solyndra. first of all, what you are looking for? >> we are having yet another hearing. this thing, we have been investigating for 9 or 10 months. as you know, the administration was not the most forthcoming in terms of responding to questions that we posed them, beginning of last february. at the end of the day, we had to do a subpoena, which we did back in july. and lo and behole, with all of these document requests, we came around some documents now that the treasury is going to testify tomorrow. as part of the law, back in 2005, in essence, it said that the federal government should not be last. >> in other words -- >> jump ahead. >> that's right. they need to be number 1. not dead last. as we know with solyndra, half a billion in taxpayer money, 1100 people without a job. >> the executives took the fifth when they came in to testify,
7:45 pm
which they obviously didn't when they came in. we now see the ceo has stepped down, mr. harrison and we now are probably going to learn tomorrow, officially that the treasury, whose jobs to the watch over all of our taxpayer dollars, in essence did thtell them, done do this. don't make the federal government last. that's not what the law says. the law says specifically, two things. no guarantee shall be made unless the secretary determines that there is reasonable prospect of repayment of the principal and interest on the obligation. and second, the obligation shall be subject to the condition that the obligation is not subordinant to other financing, which means the federal government goes first, not last to anybody else. >> all right. you are talking about the restructuring, when we got put to the end of the line, essentially. but are you investigating whether there is poor judgment in terms of following the law?
7:46 pm
or whether or not there is political shenanigans toze why this got shoved through so quickly and apparently, since the companyee gone bellup, it wasn't a prudent decision? >> we will see where this takes us. it is pretty clear that we will hear tomorrow that the treasury said, don't do this this way. sent an email -- >> so why did they? >> don't know yet. that's an answer we will get in the coming weeks. we will come back to energy and we will ask them, what happened when you got this? why is it that it looks like you broke the law? and at the end of the day, half a billion dollars in taxpayer money -- gone. >> are you going to make demands for other documents. i know it may seem like chump change, but the legal bill -- >> you know what? i watched you two nights ago. it was tough. tigers are on, switching back, channel, back and forth. but vithat switch that can do that. and we are going to get the
7:47 pm
answer. you asked cliff stearns some very good questions about what was it that they billed for for almost $2.5 million -- >> that we paid for. >> thank you, as a taxpayer, thank you. we are going to find out. we will keep you posted. >> all right. sun polar -- sun power, rather, another company that is in the news. are you going to be looking at sun power? there are reports they got a $1.2 billion loan and they seem to be -- may not have been the most prudent, because according to some calculations there are 15 permanent jobs created out of this loan, which means it's $80 million aion. >> i'll tell what you disturbs me, the fella that ran this program for the department of energy just quit, as you know, resigned last week. he was described by secretary chu as outstanding in every way, outstanding job in his performance and all of this and that. i hope as a taxpayer that we do not find any more problems with this program than what we have
7:48 pm
already discovered discovered wh solyndra, but we are not going to let the trail go dry. weil see where this takes us. we have a request in to not only the department of energy, but also to the white house. don't have the documents back yet. but we will see where this takes us. i sure hope that we don't find any more abuse of taxpayer money -- >> do you expect i. we are not done. we are not done. incomplete. >> you are going to ask to talk to secretary chu? >> i think we will. absolutely. >> is secretary chu giving you the documents you have asked for, or is it like pulling teeth? >> it has been like pulling teeth. we have sent a number of requests, but the deadliance have not come up. we are glad that the treasury agreed to come up tomorrow, as they will. we have asked for more documents from the administration and others, as it relates to solyndra. weil go where the trail takes us. >> thank you. we will be watching your hearings tomorrow. >> i look forward to getting back to you on the legal bill.
7:49 pm
>> i am curious! $2.4 million and the taxpayers paid. i want ton what we got. >> you're right. >> straight hade, a republican party superstar is talking up one of the presidential candidates big time. but his wife has gone one step further and said she's ready to vote. who is governor halley barber talking up? and who is his wife's candidate? >> a takeoff on the herman cain 9-9-9 plan. it can save you lots of mon wheyou travel. don't miss this one. nouncer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? from centrum. omega-3s go beyond heart health. probiotics go beyond digestive balance. and fruit & veggie has antioxidant properties. new pronutrients from centrum. help make nutrition possible.
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>>. >> it's time for our campaign flash. it's a good time to be herman cain. he is getting several big votes of confidence. halley barber offered his support on the laura ingram show. >> i think if it were today, my wife will vote for herman cain. one of my sons -- i have grown children -- from the first day said, dad, do you know cain cabe? i said, sure, i have known him since i was chairman. he said, man, i like him. i like had he says. that's one of the his great strengths. he's likeable. he doesn't give you the imprigz he's full of himself, but rather, he is a straight-talking person who would tell you, calls 'em like he sees 'em.
7:54 pm
he is not trying to sugar vote anything or to be shrill. he's a straight talker. i think that makes him very, very attractive to people. >> and the governor says he thinks that herman cain will sweep the south if he runs against president obam a. in another boost to herman cain's campaign, house budget committee chairman paul ryan says he loves his signature 9-9-9 tax plan. he told the daily caller that it's a good starting point for debate. he says it's great to see bold ideas. the presidential candidate's chief of staff looks ford talking with congressman ryan. we butt bet. and proof that 9-9-9 is taking off. spirit airlines is offering a 9-9-9 vacation plan. you can buy a $9 fare that applies to only certain destinations and the tickets must be bought by midnight tomorrow. what is mr. cane's response to the 9-9-9 airline deal?
7:55 pm
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stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve. iment 11:00's almost here. flash the studio lights. president obama's hanging out with folks you might not expect. here's jimmy falon. >> did you guys see this? president obama had beer with four unemployed construction workers... yeah, obama asked the guys what was it like to lose their jobs. and thrairp like, oh, you'll see. >> that's last call. we are closing down shop. thanks for with being us tonight. we will see you tomorrow night. 10:00 p.m. eastern. go to gretawire. i put up an open


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